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Re: Upgrade from jessie to strech wants to bloat by system

Urs Thuermann <urs@isnogud.escape.de> writes:

> I see that some new versions of packages are installed without the old
> versions being removed, although they are marked as automatically
> installed, e.g. Linux kernel, clang, llvm, and some others.  For
> example
>   # aptitude search "~i clang"
>   i   clang                     - C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based)
>   i A clang-3.5                 - C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based)
>   i A libclang-common-3.5-dev   - clang library - Common development package
>   i A libclang1-3.5             - C interface to the clang library

That shows the ‘clang’ package is *not* marked auto-installed. That is,
the APT database shows it was manually requested, and so will never be

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