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Re: Windows program on Debian

On Wed, Sep 06, 2017 at 03:53:18PM -0700, Gary Roach wrote:
On 09/05/2017 07:10 PM, 黃世緯 wrote:
My computer is 11 years old, with single-channel ram, 80GB IDE hard
drive etc.

The most important thing is the virtualisation, is it okay to install
Windows programme on linux?

I've been experimenting with KVM virtual machine lately. I've also used wine and Virtual Box in the past. I found wine to be a pain. Virtual Box is ok but KVM, on the other hand, installed with little trouble. After that you can load any OS into KVM and have no conflict with the parent OS. I think it is the best choice if you wish to run multiple OS's on any system.

KVM *might* be the best choice for running multiple OSes, but running multiple OSes is not the best choice for the OP. The OP didn't state how much RAM they had, but for a machine that's 11 years old, I suspect it's not much. 2006 was the era of Windows XP / very early Windows Vista. Windows Vista recommended 1GB of RAM. By running multiple OSes, you run a lot of superfluous tasks that take up precious RAM and CPU time. Because WINE translates Windows API calls into Linux ones, it is a lot more lightweight than running two OSes. Agreed, it has gaps in its capabilities, but depending on the OP's application WINE may be much better suited.

Gary R.

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