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Re: Laptop recommendation

On Tue, 05 Sep 2017 12:13:04 +0100
Dekks Herton <dekkzz78@gmail.com> wrote:

> Jonas Hedman <jonas.hedman@fripost.org> writes:
> > Hello I hope that is not OT for this list.
> >
> > Basically I'm on the hunt for a newish laptop on which I 
> > naturally want
> > to run Debian. I'm a student and I spend most of my daily 


> > I really value light weight and good battery life and my upper 
> > bound on prize
> > is somewhere around 875$ (~7K SEK). Memory should be greater 
> > than or
> > equal to 2GB and an sdd would be nice.


> > into? I
> > know the older thinkpads has good debian support but if I 
> > remember
> > correctly they are also very heavy.

> Check out ebay for something like a Thinkpad X230 or a Thinkpad 
> T430 with an IPS HD+ screen. I know in sweden availability might 
> be an issue so check out T440 or T450 prices too. 

ThinkPads, besides being generally acclaimed for their excellent build
quality, user-servicability and upgradability, also run Linux quite
well. [This is particularlyl true with regard to the "Professional /
Business" lines [e.g., the T, W, X, and P series] - the "Consumer"
lines [e.g., the E and L series] are somewhat different, and I've seen
conflicting reports as to how similar they are to the acclaimed T

New ones will likely exceed your budget, but used / refurbished units
are widely available for significantly less, both from resellers and on
auction sites. For years I used a T60, and I currently use a W550s:


For example, T460 and T460s models (the initial letter denotes the
series, the first digit denotes the screen size (14"), the second the
model / processor generation (6th generation, Intel Core), and the 's'
suffix denotes slimmer / lighter versions) with SSDs and IPS screens
are available new / almost new / refurbished on eBay in the $600-$700
(USD) range:



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