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Re: Recommended editor for novice programmers?

On Sat, 2 Sep 2017, Mario Castelán Castro wrote:
On 02/09/17 13:34, Dejan Jocic wrote:
You can set up both Vim and Emacs as powerful programming editors.

These are the *worst* possible suggestions. Both of these editors
require a lot of learning to even use them at all. If the OP follows
your advice, his users will have the impression that all software in
GNU/Linux is as arcane and difficult to use as GNU Emacs and Vim

I somehow doubt that you yourself find Emacs or Vim "difficult to
use", or believe their design is "arcane". (Of course, I might well be
mistaken. I'm only guessing.)

My contrary view, for whatever it might be worth: In the early weeks
of my own initiation to a unix-like operating system, we used
Emacs. Accompanied by a cheat-sheet of commonly useful keyboard
shortcuts, I found that learning the basics of Emacs in particular,
and navigating the self-contained documentation, was an eye-opening
introduction to the unix-like world and its universe of reliable

When, many years later, I developed a greater interest in computers, I
was happy to discover that

  1. I hadn't been taught only how to ride a tricycle, but had been
  riding a full-fledged bicycle all along, and

  2. I would never need to learn to use another text-editor again, if
  I didn't want to do so.

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