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Re: Recommended editor for novice programmers?

> My Linux user group is setting up one desktop computer and one laptop
> computer for lending to our local library as an educational resource for
> folks who want to explore what Linux is all about.  We are using Debian 9
> for now.

The first think is to realize that Linux is a kernel, not an operating
system. A more appropriate name for the OS is GNU/Linux. Moreover, that
is the name Debian uses for its GNU/Linux versions (it also has other
kernels available).

>I am open to any suggestions for standard packages we should add. I have
already installed gcc and friends as well as Scilab, R, Perl 6, and some
other stuff, including emacs.

Useful suggestions can not be given in this regard because it dpeneds on
what the users are going to do with the computer.

Just leaving a computer with GNU/Linux is not a good idea to teach
people about GNU/Linux. You should have a person there to show them the
system and talk about free software.

On 02/09/17 13:34, Dejan Jocic wrote:
> You can set up both Vim and Emacs as powerful programming editors.

These are the *worst* possible suggestions. Both of these editors
require a lot of learning to even use them at all. If the OP follows
your advice, his users will have the impression that all software in
GNU/Linux is as arcane and difficult to use as GNU Emacs and Vim are.

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