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Re: Help with USB audio card

On 2017-08-11, Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> This makes no sense BTW. Unmuted everything? You're *recording*, so what
>>> you want to do in alsamixer is to select your external usb audio card
>>> (F6), display its capture device(s) (F5), and toggle on the input
>>> channel of your choice (space bar).
>>> But I assume you have arrived at this crucial result in one way or another.
>> I did.  Besides, the USB card does not even work with headphones: when
>> headphones are plugged into it, no sound is heard from them.
> I had the USB work with headphones doing:
>  $ mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.0 <file>

> Can this help to solve also the recording problem...?  I get no sound recorded
> doing:

The wild goose is getting further and further away.

It's strange to record to the same device number you listened to above, but
who knows?

There's only one input device on the dongle. Have you tried recording to
the laptop's mic with the sox command below? Does that work? Is your
microphone busted? Are you singing loud enough (from the diaphragm)?

>  $ sox -t alsa hw:2,0 output.wav

ffmpeg -f alsa -i hw:2 -t 30 out.wav

Thirty seconds. 

I'd open pavucontrol, select your usb audio dongle's mic as your input
device, start singing (after plugging in your microphone), and see if
you can get that input level gauge to start hopping to the tune of your
dulcet tenor arpeggios on the upper end of the Richter scale.

> Rodolfo

"Until the Lion learns to write, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the Hunter."
— African proverb

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