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Re: How to change default umask in Stretch?

Greg Wooledge:

It's beginning to sound like GNOME applications aren't even launched by GNOME at all, but rather by systemd/dbus. Somehow.

GNOME Editor and other GIO applications work like how 16-bit Windows applications used to work.

GNOME Terminal goes yet farther and not even the first instance is the originally invoked process. All instances, even the first, are "bus-activated". Depending from whether there is a per-user instance of systemd or not, there may be a further level of indirection.

Of course, in the case where "bus activation" is configured to at least pass things over to some proper per-user service management, the place to set the ulimit for the likes of GNOME Terminal is in the per-user service definition for GNOME Terminal server. With the nosh per-user service mangement, this would be the $HOME/.config/service-bundles/services/gnome-terminal-server/service/run program. With systemd per-user service management this would be a $HOME/.config/systemd/gnome-terminal-server.service.d/ulimit.conf override for /usr/lib/systemd/user/gnome-terminal-server.service .

With nosh per-user service management, there is a $HOME/.config/service-bundles/services/gedit service, which one can start before attempting to run the first GNOME Editor instance; which would permit one to place ulimit and suchlike modifications in $HOME/.config/service-bundles/services/gedit/service/run . Vanilla GNOME Editor does not attempt to plumb into systemd's per-user service management, as GNOME Terminal does; so there is no systemd equivalent here.

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