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Re: disable orange progress running apt

On 07.08.17 11:26, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> I don't understand; what part seems odd?  My use of terminals with
> white backgrounds?  That's fair.  Most Linux kids these days seem to
> prefer black backgrounds.

For the last 30 odd years I've used yellow and green on DarkSlateGrey
for everything I can, across hp-ux/solaris/linux platforms. It is a balm
for eyes which begin to hurt after an hour or two of the glare of a
white background.

> Or do you dispute the fact that apt uses yellow foreground text when
> you do "apt update"?

That'd work fine with DarkSlateGrey. ;-)

OK, that's DarkSlateGray in hew-hess-hay, but it's in /etc/X11/rgb.txt too.


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