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Re: How to change default umask in Stretch?

Terminal confirms my umask is 022. That is, my entries at login.defs, xsessionrc, etc are not working.

Thank you for your assistance, Greg. Before asking here, my research indicated gnome is the problem and it is because of systemd that there is a problem. I assumed because gnome is default on debian, you might have some insight. 

Thank you for your efforts, much appreciated.

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On Mon, Aug 07, 2017 at 04:00:17PM +0000, Garrett R. wrote:
> I have created a file named ".xsessionrc" and it is in my home folder (~/.xsessionrc). Within this file I wrote this: umask 077.
> No change is evident. I first tried a relogin. No effect. I then rebooted. Also no effect. Creating documents still results in rw-r--r--.

Easiest way to verify it would be to open a terminal and run "umask".

> (I am logging in with gnome display manager and opening documents from the gnome-shell interface, not from a terminal).

In that case, it sounds like GNOME is overriding your umask.  You may
have to ask a GNOME support list how to work around this.  The first
Google result I found suggests adding it in ~/.gnomerc instead (in
addition to a crapload of obviously, blatantly *wrong* answers, as
usual).  I don't know whether .gnomerc will work, but you can try.

Rebooting would not matter.  The ~/.xsessionrc file is read by the
Debian X session when you login.  The problem is, anything you set there
can be changed later, e.g. by GNOME.

I tested it just now on my system, creating a ~/.xsessionrc file
containing "umask 002", and then running "startx -- :1" from tty2.
This gave me a(nother) X session, in which the umask was set to 002 as
expected (confirmed by running umask in a terminal).  But I don't
use GNOME.  I just use a window manager, fvwm.

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