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Re: Thunderbird 52.2.1 and Enigmail

I have been away for a week, and this morning saw that enigmail had been
updated in my absence, so I updated all the jessie updates offered me by the
official repositories.

This updated thunderbird and enigmail, as expected.

BUT enigmail won't run because it seems that the current update requires a
version of gnupg that is more recent than the official version that is part of
the repositories :-(

So I downgraded using the suggested sequence:

>>> apt remove thunderbird icedove
>>> apt install thunderbird=1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1
>>> apt install thunderbird-l10n-nl=1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1
>>> apt install lightning=1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1
>>> apt install lightning-l10n-nl=1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1
>>> apt install icedove=1:45.8.0-3~deb8u1
>>> apt install enigmail=2:1.8.2-4~deb8u1
>>> apt -t jessie-backports install xul-ext-sogo-connector

Just wanted to mention this so that others won't be surprised if they hit the
same problem.


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