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Re: Bug in Brother HL4040 driver?

On Sat 05 Aug 2017 at 23:16:15 +0100, Andrew W wrote:

> Can anyone help me determine the location of an annoying bug which seems to
> persist in the driver(s) for the Brother HL404CN laser printer please? It
> has existed since Wheezy and is still present in Stretch.
> Printing from most apps (but interestingly not GIMP) will often fail with
> the printers firmware locking up and showing Error E1 on its display - the
> only way out of this is to turn the printer off and back on.
> I've tried several of the drivers listed and all seem to have the same
> issue. Further more in Stretch the web interface for CUPS doesnt seem to
> work on localhost:631 and the Gnome system settings GUI for print queue
> management doesnt do anything. Its as if the buttons have no event handlers
> behind them to actually do anything!

The Brother HL404CN does not exist.


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