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Re: xfig(1) in Debian 8/Jessie

On Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 02:13:39AM -0700, John Conover wrote:
> I have an old xfig file, ND90-4.box-0.25.fig. In Debian 7/Wheezy, it
> works fine. But in Jessie:
>     xfig ND90-4.box-0.25.fig 
>     xfig3.2.5c: SIGSEGV signal trapped
>     xfig: attempting to save figure
>     Finish (or cancel) the current operation before changing modes
>     Segmentation fault
> Any ideas?

Install the build-depends for the package, and recompile - you might
have to install old version of gcc, libc and/ or other libraries.

When you figure it out, would appreciate a brief pracie of your
journey :)

Alternatively, install a virtual machine, the older version of
Debian, and share a work folder or two - run it from there.

Good luck,

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