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Re: [DNG] Yes I am an attorney. - Re: Identity of OP (Software written by contractors and the 'work for hire') concept - To Bruce Perens

Prescient analysis! (of the legal ramifications of doing nothing in this case!)
Well done sir!

How about someone who is studied in the law to a degree greater than a draft animal responding instead?

(Basically you said: I don't understand! Why should I care! And then you went back to your labor for whomever your master is)

On 2017-08-01 18:44, Rowland Penny wrote:
On Tue, 01 Aug 2017 18:15:37 +0000
susin@firemail.cc wrote:

Explain exactly how I was "wasting" your time. You responded with
derision and mockery when I brought up laches; as if it was no issue.

ARRRGGGHHHH is this guy for real, can he not take a hint ?

IF not, here it is a lot more bluntly:

Go away, you are not welcome here, you just talk a lot of twaddle that
has nothing really to do with Devuan, you are just taking up bandwidth,
I repeat (using an old english saying) SLING YOUR HOOK!

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