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Re: PulseAudio (Some users get sound, orthers do not)

On 2017-07-16, Marc Shapiro <marcnshap@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I suppose you've verified in a mixer program and/or pavucontrol that all
>> is as should be.
> Yes, I've checked both alsamixer and pavucontrol.  Everything looks the 
> same under all three logins.

Have you unmuted all columns in alsamixer for user daughter (green 00
under each column)? Have you tried turning up the volume (because there
exists some kind of "no sound below a volume cutoff" bug).

What output is shown, if any, in the pavucontrol Applications panel when
playing, or attempting to play, a wav file? What output is shown in the
application itself? It isn't clear to me by what means you're verifying
that your daughter has no sound. mplayer, vlc, aplay, browser? All of
the above? Warnings? Error messages? Clues? 


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