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Re: Replace systemd

David Griffith writes:
> I'm aware of that technique.  What I was talking about is a menu
> option that pops up when the install is running that explicitly asks
> the person installing which init to use.

But there are far more urgent questions that don't get asked at install
time either:

1. Which editor to use at the default editor.
   (Even worse: emacs isn't even included in the install by default!)

2. Which shell to use as the login shell.
   I still have to install my favorite shell (zsh) manually :-(

3. Which web browser to install. Not everyone prefers Firefox.

4. Which mail user agent to install.

I can go on.  All have to be chosen after install and I don't think
there is a good reason the init system should be special: likely a
larger number people cares more about the software they use all the
time.  So if anything, one should probably ask about that.


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