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Re: How to deploy custom set of configuration files?

Hi Viv,

Varius Various wrote:
>   Intuitive way to implement that would be to create a custom
>   package containing selected configuration files, and install it as a
>   last package. However according to [Debian GNU/Linux FAQ], [section
>   11.7], it is not as simple. The wording of the answer to this question
>   is confusing, however:
>         11.7 *How does the package management system deal with
>         packages that contain configuration files for other
>         packages?*
>         Some users wish to create, for example, a new server by
>         installing a group of Debian packages and a locally
>         generated package consisting of configuration files. This
>         is not generally a good idea, because dpkg will not know
>         about those configuration files if they are in a different
>         package, and may write conflicting configurations when one
>         of the initial "group" of packages is upgraded.
>         Instead, create a local package that modifies the
>         configuration files of the "group" of Debian packages of
>         interest. Then dpkg and the rest of the package management
>         system will see that the files have been modified by the
>         local "sysadmin" and will not try to overwrite them when
>         those packages are upgraded.
>   I don’t see how scenarios from paragraphs one and two are
>   different. What is the difference between “package consisting of
>   configuration files” and “pacakage that modifies the configuration
>   files”?

I think the second scenario may be saying to change the
group of the altered config files, so the package manager
will know not to overwrite them during an upgrade.

>   I’m aware of chef, puppet, and other configuration managment programs,
>   but I thought for simple cases it is too much overhead.
> [Debian GNU/Linux FAQ] https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq
> [section 11.7]
> https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq/ch-customizing.en.html#s-interconffiles

Joel Roth

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