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[Stretch] Fix for not network after installing without desktop

I want to share with everyone a fix for not getting network / internet if you're installing Debian without a desktop (ie. not selecting a desktop AND Unchecking the Debian Desktop Environment option).

If you install as I mentioned above and reboot, you get the command prompt to log into (which is what I wanted so I could install minimal KDE as I mentioned in another post). However, you can NOT get on the internet! Even though the installer used the internet and set it up, the settings won't stick. That's because the installer doesn't install network-manager into the system!

So what I do to get around this and get the network settings to "stick" when rebooting:

1. When installing, at the screen that says to remove media and reboot, DO NOT do this yet! Do not press Continue either.

2. CTRL+ALT+F3 (or some function key) to get to a terminal. Press ENTER to activate the terminal.

3. Execute this: apt-install network-manager

4. The screen will go completely blank (except for a dash in the lower right). This will seem like the computer "crashed" but it didn't! Wait awhile (it does take awhile and no progress is shown). The # prompt will return.

5. CTRL+ALT+ (function key - keep trying until you get to the GUI). Do this ONLY AFTER the # prompt returns so you can be sure that the installation of network-manager is complete (since there's no indication of it installing or progressing when it's being done).

6. Click "Continue" in the GUI installer to finish up.

Log into the command prompt and do a 'sudo apt-get update'. Internet should now be working.

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