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How To: Install Minimal KDE in Stretch

I've figured out how to install a *bare minimal* KDE in Stretch:

1. When installing Debian to your computer, do NOT select to install "Debian Desktop" or ANY desktop option. Instead, install print server and system base *only* (nothing else). Complete the install and reboot.

2. Log in at the command prompt and then type in:
   $ sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop

3. In KDE terminal (konsole):

$ sudo apt-get purge kwrite konqueror kwalletmanager plasma-discover plasma-discover-common

   $ apt-get download dolphin
   $ sudo dpkg --force-all -i [dolphin_downloaded_filename]
   $ sudo apt --fix-broken install
   $ sudo apt-get autoremove

This is optional. It removes all downloaded packages that apt-get kept:
   $ sudo apt-get clean

This results in a minimal install of:

Graphics - ImageMagick*
Settings - System Settings
        Debian bug reporting tool
        File Manager (Dolphin) (See above for installation)
        Info Center
        System Monitor

* Note: These can be safely hidden in the menu:

1. Right click on the Menu icon - Edit Applications
2. Settings - Configure KDE Menu Editor
3. General options - check "Show hidden entries"
4. Click on entry to hide.
5. General Tab: check "Hidden entry"

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