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Re: stretch

On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 05:11:41PM +0000, Glenn English wrote:
An install with the apt-get method left XFCE with no screensaver and
no screensaver module in the settings. That was a problem because
somebody thought there was and tried to turn it on. The screen went
black and I had to reboot the machine to get video back. Installing
xscreensaver seems to have fixed that.

I think the recommended screen-blanker for XFCE4 is now "light-locker".
Perhaps there's some left-over cruft from xscreensaver (for example,
maybe you've got a frontend but no "hacks"). Or perhaps you don't use
lightdm or ...

It may be worth looking through your logs to see if the bit you
installed got uninstalled by the upgrade (sometimes you don't realise
that a package you DO want is marked as auto).

Stretch is a mixed blessing and is going to take some getting used to
-- lots of things don't work anymore. But some have improved.

SSH has gone completely odd.

I can't imagine how that was missed during the testing phase(!)

The Wifi dongle is now called wlxe84e0629c8e0.

You probably shouldn't post your MAC address on the internet. Well, it's
not a major issue but it could, for example, allow someone to infer your
IPv6 address (unless you use privacy addressing).

My iptables script doesn't work anymore. Etc.

You can't expect Debian to cater for local modifications. Things move
on. Part of being a system administrator is adapting local changes to
the new upgrade.

Glenn English

For more information, please reread.

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