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Re: Need something similar to mate-color-select

On 05/26/2017 01:30 PM, David Wright wrote:
On Fri 26 May 2017 at 08:09:21 (-0500), Richard Owlett wrote:
I'm using Stretch with MATE desktop.
I need to chose a solid color for my background.
It is unsuitable for two reasons:
   1. The sample color display is *TOO* small.
   2. When using the color wheel an *ANNOYING* text box appears.

An acceptable solution would replace the too small color sample by
changing mate-color-select's background color in real-time as any of
the provided parameters are changed.


Type something like
$ xzoom -mag 20 &
into an xterm. Expand the xzoom window to a goodly size, but not
obstructing things.

To use it, press the mouse button in the window, and drag the cursor
out of it, over to the point of interest. While you hold down the
button, the window is synchronised with the cursor in real-time.
When you let go, the point of interest stays put and whatever
happens to be there is magnified.

Typed in the window, + and - change the magnification, and q quits.

"Interesting" with inflection of TV character decades past.
As an old saying goes "When up to your a%&@ in alligators it is difficult to remember goal was to 'DRAIN SWAMP'" ;/

Fighting other fires at moment. Will look up 'xzoom' and 'xterm'.
Will followup tomorrow. Thank you.

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