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Re: Issue with notebook (maybe the battery?)

On Wed 24 May 2017 at 10:04:00 (-0300), Daniel Bareiro wrote:
> Hi, David.
> On 28/03/17 16:24, David Wright wrote:
> >> Yes, as I mentioned in another message in this thread, I have already
> >> contacted the supplier to go asking for availability and prices.
> > I'll cross my fingers for you. Please do likewise as these are
> > the figures from one of my laptops:
> > 
> > Charger in:
> > 
> > Charger out:
> > 
> > IOW my baseline after 8 years is about 20% capacity.
> Sorry for my delay in responding.
> I'll cross my fingers for you, David. How did your laptop battery continue?

Nowadays this battery merely acts like an UPS because the laptop
has to be plumbed in to a monitor to be usable (or else used over
ssh). As reported earlier, there's a fault in the screen circuitry
which means it's not really a portable anymore.

> Just yesterday I took my notebook to the provider to test with a new
> battery. He said that today he will be contacting me to let me know the
> result of the test.
> I'll let you know when I have news. Something I can add since my last
> update to the mailing list is that the battery charge level with the
> charger connected was gradually falling. At the time I took it to the
> provider I had 18%.

It would certainly be interesting to see the numbers from a new
battery if you buy one. I've never owned a laptop (or any other
computer, for that matter) from new.


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