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Re: phpmyadmin ... need help!

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Subject: Re: phpmyadmin ... need help!
UTC Time: May 23, 2017 8:18 PM
From: joe@jretrading.com

Yes, you've done it backwards, but it's no big deal in Debian.
phpmyadmin needs the root password of mysql in order to install

In all other systems it is a catastrophic mistake, but in Debian it is no biggy, you just throw everything away and start from scratch.  :)   :)   :)      :)   LoLLL

Sorry, I spent some time in my youth in sales, I know what it's like.  Otherwise the advise was compact and sensible.  One question I have is why isn't dpkg requiring such order of pre-requisite and dependency but can allow phpadmin to be installed without mysql being there.  [please don't let that answer be "you should have read the manual first"]  

As things are evolving with servers and keyringers one needs a separate encrypted debian system to be running somewhere with all the keys and passwords, unless one choses the logical path of using one for everything, in which case sometimes it gets really confusing for what this passphrase was for.

Did your dpkg just get updated?  Or is it just me?

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