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Re: puppy Linux reports problems with USB/network drive

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Subject: Re: puppy Linux reports problems with USB/network drive
UTC Time: May 21, 2017 11:33 AM
From: pascal@plouf.fr.eu.org

Le 21/05/2017 à 04:56, Albert Hodge a écrit :
> When I plugged it into the USB port it gave a warning message, that the
> NTFS -3g driver was able to mount the NTFS partition but says, Dirty
> volume mount was forced by the "force" mount option. It is mounted
> read/write, but advice is only write to it in emergency situation.
> recommendation is boot windows and fix the filesystem first!!!!!
> It's going to be a while before I can get a system built to run winxp,
> is there a Linux option I can run on this old computer to fix the drive?

You can try ntfsck or ntfsfix from ntfs-3g (formerly ntfsprogs).
Use with caution.

testdisk may be able to at least tell you what if anything may be wrong with it.

Also I am told that team-os https://www.teamos-hkrg.com/index.php iso of win installations are pretty reliable and download quick.  Just plug in and install, no keys nothing ... Make sure you get their latest security fixed edition.

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