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Re: Packaging problem: impossible to build package from source

Michele wrote:

> Hello everyone.
> Does anyone have a clue about what's going on? I'm totally new to 
> packaging but it's surprising that a standard source package downloaded 
> from official debian servers doesn't work out of the box...

  have you installed the build dependencies?

  # apt-get build-dep <pkg>?

  if you can find a similar package in complexity
you can grab that source version and look at what
it does and clone it for your own use.

  $ apt-get source <other-pkg>

  $ cp -a <other-pkg> <new-pkg>
  ...edit stuff...


  i'm not sure if the package build-essential is up
to date, but it lists some basics.


  there are references and the mentors list which may
be able to answer specific questions.

  that is all i can think of to point you in directions
which may help.


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