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Re: [trinity-users] Re: Strange clicking noise from my laptop hard drive

On 05/19/2017 09:24 AM, Philip Ashmore wrote:
I got a new hard disk.
I still get the same clicking, but now it also sometimes happens before I type in the passphrase to unlock the luks encrypted lvm partition the OS sits on.
Maybe it's the hard disk controller.
I also took out the Broadcom wifi/bluetooth pci express card as it was acting up too.
Maybe it's time to retire this Samsung NP-RF711-S07UK.
Bought in 2012, that's four years more than the warranty.

Philip Ashmore

Still using the Samsung, no clicks at the moment.

I have a IBM/Lenovo T61 a friend gave me brand new (as a gift) back in 2007. It's still going! Running Debian 8.8 with XFCE. However, I too hear some faint clicking noises from time to time and wonder if the HD is dying. I have a spare HD (has only 80GB and Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed on it). I don't want to really replace the HD (whether new - as I can't afford it or the original 80GB one). But it's been working otherwise, no problems or errors.

My HP Pavilion g7 I've had maybe 4 or 5 years now (forgot when I actually got it) and it is my "main" system I use all day every day. Never any clicking noises or problems (set up the same with Debian 8.8 with XFCE). That one sometimes would run a bit hot (so I put fans under it and have some power management packages installed).

I'm not sure why some systems react a certain way and other's don't. But if you put a new HD in and the clicking is still there, then you just ruled out the HD, at least.

Next thing I think you could check is the fan, and the system temperatures. Maybe a fan is starting to go or just needs cleaning and oiling?

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