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Re: netfilter related regression in linux-image 3.16.43-2?

On 18. 05. 2017 21:14, Tomaž Šolc wrote:
> after upgrading a mail server to the recent 8.8 Jessie point release
> my monitoring showed a significantly decreased amount of inbound
> SMTP traffic. Specifically, after rebooting for kernel upgrade from 
> linux-image-3.16.0-4-686-pae 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 to 3.16.43-2

Just a quick follow-up regarding this issue, in case someone encounters
something similar.

After some more testing I upgraded the kernel on the server back to
3.16.43-2 (with no changes to iptables) and after two days there is no
sign of dropped SYN-ACK packets. I was previously seeing ~5000 dropped
packets per day.

A review of the log files showed that in fact no incoming IPv4 TCP
connections succeeded while the bug was in effect. All mail that was
delivered during that time was delivered over IPv6. I was wrong in
thinking that some IPv4 connections worked.

Since I can't reproduce it, my only theory at this point is that this
was a bug somewhere triggered by some rare condition at boot. Either in
my iptables setup or netfilter. It's likely that a simple reboot would help.

Best regards

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