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Re: [A bit OT] Diagnosing home network

On Saturday, May 20, 2017 01:41:20 AM Mark Fletcher wrote:
> The internet access is via Cable. I run an ethernet cable from the cable
> modem to the firewall machine, then from the firewall machine to the
> Linkstation's WAN port. The firewall machine's WiFi interface is
> disabled (I didn't include its driver when I built the kernel for that
> machine). The Jessie box, a phone-to-ethernet device and a NAS are
> plugged into the Linkstation wired LAN ports. Everything else connects
> to the Linkstation WiFi. The LinkStation offers 2.4GHz and 5GHz
> connections, the 2.4GHz is b/g and the 5GHz is ac I believe. Those
> devices that can use the 5GHz connection, are, the rest are using the
> 2.4GHz.
> I have my doubts about cross-LAN throughput. For example, as I write I
> am using WinSCP on the Windows 8.1 laptop to copy a movie file from my
> Jessie box to the laptop. (The movie concerned is not copyright before
> anyone asks). The Jessie box is connected to the LinkStation by wired
> ethernet, and the Windows 8.1 laptop by WiFi. I am getting a transfer
> rate consistently across the life of the connection of 880KB/s. I'd
> expect it to be a lot faster than that. I checked the WinSCP software is
> capable of limiting the connection speed, but is set not to.

What is the laptop using--802.11a, b, g, n, or ac?

What is the Jessie system using--802.11a, b, g, n, or ac?

(I/m not sure how you can determine this--maybe the LInk Station has a 
"maintainance" screen you can access?)

(Also, the Linkstation has to act as a repeater between the laptop and Jessie 
system--I'm not sure how much that might slow the transfer.)

Anyway, note that the theoretical throughput of 802.11b is 11 Mbps--your 880 
KB/s is reasonably consistent with that.  IIRC, 802.11g can do 54 Mbps, I'm 
not sure about the others.

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