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Re: Samsung ML-1915 printer

Hi, Brian:

finally I can get back to my printer problem...  Thanks a lot for your help...
I'm trying to follow your instructions but...  Well, I don't know, maybe I'm
missing something:

Brian <ad44@cityscape.co.uk> writes:

> I give in! Your ULD package doesn't work for you on unstable. Let us see
> how mine goes on.
> 1. Go to http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/model/ML-1910/SEE and download
>    uld_v1.00.06.tar.gz.
> 2. Decompress and unpack the file with 'tar zvxf uld_v1.00.06.tar.gz'.
> 3. cp uld/i386/rastertospl /usr/lib/cups/filter/.
> 4. chown root.root /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertospl.
> 5. cp uld/noarch/share/ppd/Samsung_ML-191x_Series.ppd /usr/share/ppd/custom/.
> 6. lpinfo -m | grep ML-191x.
> 7. lpadmin -p ML191x -v file:/dev/null -E -m lsb/usr/custom/Samsung_ML-191x_Series.ppd.
> The last five steps are done as root.

Up to here, no problem it seems.

> Now (as root again)
> 8. cupsfilter -p /etc/cups/ppd/ML192x.ppd -e -m printer/foo message.txt > out.prn 2>log.
> log and out.prn have been compressed and attached to this mail.
> Uncompress with gunzip. Note that the log shows all filters being run
> successfully. As far as I am concerned, cupsd and the filtering system
> have worked well. message.txt contains a secret message for you.

Where's that file: message.txt, that you mention?  I can't see it...  Besides,
in /etc/cups/ppd there's no ML192x.ppd, there's ML191x.ppd...

> out.prn is a file which can be sent directly to the Samsung printer.
> But I haven't got such a printer, you say. Ah, but *you* have. So do
>  cat out.prn > /dev/usb/lp0
> You can now reveal the message to everyone.
> An invitation: any of the hundreds of list readers with a USB connected
> Samsung printer which accepts SPL can have fun trying to print the file
> too.

Well, I gave that command 8 also, but...  printer still doesn't work...

Am I missing something?

Thanks for any further help, really need it...


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