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Re: A regression bug comparing Stretch to Jessie -was [Re: Doing a clean install with ATYPICAL constraints]

Richard Owlett wrote:
> Not quite in the manner I suspect you assume <chuckle>.
> We come from different point-of-views.
> You evidently lean towards "power user".
> I have some characteristics of "mass market consumer".
> The points you listed appear likely to lead to alleviation of my 
> observed _symptoms_ of an underlying problem.
> I'll draw an analogy from the development of the germ theory of disease 
> in the mid-nineteenth century. Semmelweis noticed a higher incidence of 
> death among women who delivered at the hospital with the help of the 
> doctors and medical students. Births attended by the midwives were 
> relatively safe. { see
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germ_theory_of_disease#Ignaz_Semmelweis}
> Examples will have to wait on my specialized test-bed multi-booting 
> customized Debian 6, 8, and 9.

  FTR there are recent bugs which sound similar
and discussion on the development and release 
lists which talk about mariadb and the current
upgrade situation.

  once you live on the bleeding edge it is worth
it to check the package bug lists and others to
see what is happening.


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