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Re: bleeding-edge MATE

David Griffith wrote:
> I've installed MATE 1.18 into /usr/local/ and added 
> /usr/local/share/xsessions to the sessions-director path in 
> /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.  At the Lightdm login screen, I can now select 
> MATE for my desktop environment, but on logging in, MATE won't start. 
> What's wrong?  I don't see anything relevant in /var/log about this.

  i've not done this.  sorry can't be of more direct help
but you give me no idea where you are coming from on this
or the amount of experience you have with trying it.

> I can start mate-session in .xinitrc and use startx, but then MATE can't 
> find any themes... and I really would rather use Lightdm.
> Is anyone here tinkering with bleeding-edge MATE?  How are you going about 
> it?

  i wasn't sure if you were referring to a specific
project by that name or just the idea of getting the 
most recent MATE tars and building your own.

  after looking i don't see any project by that name

  have you looked at the MATE project pages for building
and installing?


  the community page seems appropriate:

and i wandered through:


  i'm not quite ready to attempt it, short on time

  also there is the pkg-mate-team archives at:


  but i'd use that as a last resort since they are
busy enough with packaging/bugs/etc (getting ready
for stretch).

  the other more obvious things to do would be
to get the packages as made already and see where
and how they are putting things.

$ apt-get build-dep pkg


$  apt-get source pkg

  and see how it is put together and what patches
are being applied when set up and building...


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