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smartd spamming the console

Hi everyone!

I have smartd running on my jessie server, to keep an eye on my raid

One of them has a few pending sectors, but nothing major and I don't
want to replace it yet. Problem is, every 30 min the following message
gets dumped all over my open terminals (ssh as well as local, basically
every root tty):

2017 May  9 16:01:52 [hostname] Device: /dev/sdf [SAT], 7 Currently
unreadable (pending) sectors

If I stop smartd.service, everything is fine.

My /etc/smartd.conf contains (barring comments) just one line:

DEVICESCAN -o on -H -l error -l selftest -p -s (L/../../6/03) -m
[myemail] -M exec /usr/share/doc/smartmontools/examples/Example1

(I modified the example script to make sendmail work, that's executed
far less often than every 30 min)

Basically, it does what I want, I just want the extremely annoying
terminal messages to stop...

What I tried (to no avail):

* change smartd.service to suppress StdOut and StdErr
(instead of StandardOutput=syslog, I want it to just go to the journal,
but even setting StandardOutput (and Error) to none doesn't help)

* in /etc/systemd/user.conf, under [manager] change

 LogTarget=none (or journal)

* in /etc/systemd/journald.conf, change

followed by systemctl daemon-reload (and restarting smartd of course)

* I have syslog-ng installed, changing a lot of settings there,
disabling it, etc. until I changed the systemd unit to not use syslog
for smartd at all

and of course:
* googling for hours, reading everything that seemed the least bit
related, resisting the urge to bang my head against the wall

Any ideas and hints much appreciated!


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