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Re: NVMe SSD and discard mount option

On Tue, May 09, 2017 at 03:35:04PM +0200, David Guyot wrote:
> Hello, there.
> I recently loaned a server with NVMe SSD and saw, during my research on
> the relevance of the discard mount option for them, that its use is
> discouraged for NVMe SSDs. Why? Does NVMe SSDs not need trimming? Is it
> integrated in the NVMe driver for Linux?

Intel, among other NVMe SSD manufacturers, recommends using
fstrim periodically rather than enabling continuous trimming
with the discard option.

They don't specifically state why, but I will hazard a guess
that performance is impacted during a trim, and doing so for
a short period once a day or once a week is more useful than
decreasing performance all the time.


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