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Re: Live Fille System Backup

On Sunday, May 07, 2017 05:47:20 AM tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:

<good stuff elided>

> Otherwise, "on line" backup is simply not an option.

Thanks!  I've been paying at least peripheral attention to this thread (as I 
do to many), and got to thinking / wondering about how to deal with backup in 
an "enterprise" type of setting (by that, I'm trying to imply an "application" 
that is distributed and run over multiple computers / servers to serve a large 
number of (possibly transient) users).

I guess the way that comes to mind, maybe somewhat implied by what you've 
written (or at least inferred by me ;-) would be to take down one or more of 
the servers at a time, make static backups of those, then restore those to 
service and repeat until all have been backed up, very likely repeating that 

I'm sure there are some subtleties that I'm not even thinking about (not that 
I'd expect to be able to do so).

I guess I sort of wanted to write that down and see if anyone had any insights 
into possibly better ways.

Oh, ok, I guess (well, I know RAID isn't really for backup, it's for uptime as 
is often stated on this and other lists), but something like RAID where 
relevant data is written to more than one disk and / or storage "farm", one 
being the "in service" device (to serve data to the app in "real time") and 
one or more just recording data as backup.

Anyway, I'd be interested in any comments.

I was going to mark this OT, but then I re-read the Subject, and it still 
seems OT (on topic) ;-)

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