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Re: How stable is the frozen stretch?

From: ravenlx@sitesplace.net

> I am thinking about trying out Stretch (Debian 9) in either a spare
> laptop or a virtual machine. If I like it I might just point my sources
> list to that repo on both laptops if it's stable enough.

For my use and the packages I need both stretch and sid have been rock stable, in most cases you can hardly tell the difference from Jessie.

> My question is, once it's "frozen", how stable is it or is it still
> pretty much not suitable for production yet? I also use a couple
> programs from outside ppas (*gulp!* :-O) and am taking into
> consideration conflicts with those as well. They do work great with the
> current stable.

First check the hardware differences that are supported, then take a look at the bug lists for testing and unstable to see if you are using any buggy packages that do not apply on stable.  If you don't see anything that relates to your use you will be happy.

Don't let the terms testing/unstable scare you much.  Remember many distributions are based on those two and not stable.

It all depends on your specific use.

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