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Re: What On Earth Did I do?

Martin McCormick composed on 2017-05-05 22:11 (UTC-0500):
IIRC, and WRT PCs containing only Debian (and/or another Linux distro), DOS,
OS/2 and/or Windows:

A boot flag is always irrelevant when set on a logical partition.

A boot flag is irrelevant on every Debian system's HD0 not also containing
bootable DOS, Windows and/or OS/2 if Debian bootloader code (Grub, Lilo,
Syslinux, etc.) is present in the MBR of HD0.

The primary purpose of a boot flag is to be found by
DOS/Windows/legacy-compatible MBR code, which can only make use of it if found
on a primary partition that also contains a bootable filesystem or other
bootloader code in the partition's PBR.

A secondary purpose of a boot flag is for legacy operating systems to determine
which primary partition is to be assigned a drive letter.

IOW, if a PC only has Debian and uses Grub, Lilo, Syslinux or other bootloader
packaged by Debian and installed to MBR to boot, a partition boot flag is always
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