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Re: live medium installer remounting medium

Michael Milliman wrote:
> On 05/04/2017 08:53 AM, Stefan Helmert wrote:
>> If I start from debian 8.7.1 live cd/dvd over pxe and nfs, everything is working fine. But clicking the installer desktop icon does nothing. This happens, because the installer tries to mount the medium again. It tries to mount /dev/sr0. But there is no /dev/srv0 because the medium is available as mounted nfs.
>> The installer should not mount the medium again. The medium is already mounted by the live system. I think this happens, because the developer of the live install medium thought: I take the install medium and the live medium and glue both together without any knowledge of each other.
>> I am right here to report this? Should I write in a bug tracker? where?

> Hmm....I had a similar problem with the installer, though in my case I
> had put the installation DVD image on a thumb drive.  Everything worked
> fine up to a point.  Then I had to do something a little out of the
> ordinary and the same thing happened to me...it wanted to remount the
> the file system but tried to do so from /dev/sr0, assuming I guess that
> was where the medium was. It refused to remount from the thumb drive.  I
> suspect that this does need to be reported so that it can be
> addressed...It is way to late for me to do so as it was some time ago,
> and I haven't preserved enough information about the situation to be of
> much help in a bug report.

  i had similar problem because i had two netinst(RC2)
images on two USB sticks (didn't wipe 2nd stick so
when it checked media again it switched to the 2nd
one instead of staying with the first one).  as the
2nd stick had already overwritten much of the image you
can say it didn't get much further.

  i added info to bug #855075

  didn't escalate or make a new report because it seemed
like such an arcane thing to do.


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