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Xscreensaver Is Ignoring Config File

I have a ~/.xscreensaver file in my home directory.

I am not starting the X GUI automatically (not even a login manager; just a plain text prompt).

This ~/.xscreensaver file has the default hack specified as "1" (I've also tried other numbers), as in:

mode:           one
selected:       1

But when I start X using the "startx &" command, and the screensaver kicks in, it kicks in as 99, and when I look in the ~/.xscreensaver file, it has been changed to 99, as in:

mode:           one
selected:       99

If I exit X, and change that file back to "1" (or "12", or whatever"), and restart X again, again it shifts back to "99".

So it seems pretty obvious to me that Xscreensaver is not reading my ~/.xscreensaver config file, but it is using that file to store its settings.

Any suggestions as to how to get Xscreensaver to read my config file and ignore whatever configuration it's reading from elsewhere?


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