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Re: Using -prune option of find to ignore hidden directories

On Wednesday, May 03, 2017 01:34:02 PM Richard Owlett wrote:
> *GRIN*
> Been using that basic procedure since mid 1950's [when volume of single
> flip-flop could be measured in cubic inches ;]

Good!  (I didn't start that with much rigor until the mid 60s.)

> I had spent more than an hour:
>   1. exploring find (with and without the -atime option)
>   2. attempting to add -prune to the mix
> That was when a series of links led to mywiki.wooledge.org .
> An unknown amount of non-productive effort led to my post.
> I thought I had narrowed the problem to -prune as that seemed the only
> thing in common to failures was -prune.
> The actual globing problem was hidden in the noise.
> MEA CULPA: globs have bitten me before :{
> Thanks all.

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