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Re: Console fonts

Larry Dighera composed on 2017-05-02 12:20 (UTC-0700):
>>Possibly Grub could be reconfigured to make a
>>lesser mode like 1440x900 or less explicit. 

> I'm willing to edit grub, if you're willing to provide specific
> instructions.  Unfortunately, my Unix experience predates grub (AT&T Unix
> SVR3 ~1994).

In general, this is enough howto:

When I want 1440x900 as the mode on my Jessie ttys, I append as instructed there:


The result is that

	# fbset; inxi -G

reports mode 1440x900 using 180 columns and 56 rows. That won't produce a tty
result you can appreciate before your missing /dev/fb0 problem is solved, but is
the manner in which troubleshooting parameters can be supplied to the kernel in
attempting to identify solutions to video (and other) problems.

>>Lack of /dev/dri/card0 explains why
>>X doesn't work, the kernel found no supported gfx device.

> It sounds like you've discovered the root cause of the issue.  I failed to
> find /dev/dri let alone card0.  I have no idea what this means.
Technically, I don't either, but the gist as I understand it is that you have
video hardware that pure Jessie does not support.

DRI is Direct Rendering Infrastructure, just one of a multitude of software bits
that comprise working video on a Linux PC.

>>When I boot an Intel video Jessie PC with no video parameters on cmdline,
>>root=LABEL=deb8jessie plymouth.enable=0 noresume

> ???

That shows the cmdline from that boot included no video parameters other than
one to disable Plymouth functionality.

To find out what video parameters were on your cmdline on current boot, do:

	# cat /proc/cmdline

>>I've seen nothing in thread explicitly explaining why he has no /dev/fb0, but
>>unless and until /dev/fb0 exists, ttys are stuck in 80x25. Maybe that is
>>something installing a working Plymouth can fix. I don't know, as I never use
>>Plymouth, and suspect it would also be victim of unsupported hardware.

> I did install Plymouth: apt-get install Plymouth.  It didn't seem to make
> any noticeable change.  (There are some Plymouth entries in daemon.log and
> syslog.)  Subsequently running lightdm still yields a black display screen.

Since it didn't help, and unless you have reason to think you might want or need
Plymouth in the future, I recommend keeping your Jessie simpler by reversing the

	# apt-get purge plymouth

> Given the Udoo team claims to have installed Debian on their hardware, and
> Tails Linux runs on it, I'd prefer to sort out the issues, and see if I
> (we?) can effect a useable system.
I seriously doubt Udoo's team installed pure Debian Jessie on the hardware you
have. Tails 2.12 uses the same Xorg version as Jessie (1.16.4), but with
approximately the same kernel as Debian Stretch (4.9 vs 4.9.13). This suggests
Jessie might work for you if you enable backports and install a linux-image much
newer than Jessie's 3.16. To enable backports, see:


Once enabled you can check availability before choosing whether or which to install:

	# apt-cache search linux-image
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