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Boot Drives for older Systems

This drive will be booting Debian so my question is not totally
off-topic. Some older P.C. BIOS programs will not boot any drive
over 32GB. Can you get a larger drive, partition it with a 32 GB
boot partition and expect it to work that way with the remainder
of the drive available for more space such as /home?

	This sounds like and probably is a stupid question since
I presently do this very thing but the boot drive is /dev/sda1
and the big drive is /dev/sdb1 which has about 300 GB on it and
runs off the secondary slot on the same controller with no
known issues.

	Maybe a better form of this question is- Are there any
unexpected gotchas likely in using SDA1 for the boot drive and
SDA2-x  for the rest? It will probably be SDA2 for most of the
rest with SDA3 being extended and SDA5 swap.

My 300 GB drive still works but it is around 8 years old and is a
spinning  electro mechanical type and it will fail some day about
a millisecond after it was working perfectly.

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