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Password is required to mount SD card

Hi list,

My Dell E6400, running Debian testing with Gnome, has a builtin SD card
reader. Unfortunately, when I insert an SD card it is not automatically
mounted, like it would be with a USB key or a CD/DVD.

If I open "Gnome Disks" to manually mount the card, I am prompted for my
password. This is not too bad, but this is not yet what I would expect
from a user friendly desktop, so I would like to correct this.

GVFS seems to be doing its work when I plug the card in:

$ gvfs-mount --monitor -i
Volume added:       'Volume de 8,0 GB'
  Volume(0): Volume de 8,0 GB
    Type: GProxyVolume (GProxyVolumeMonitorUDisks2)
     class: 'device'
     unix-device: '/dev/mmcblk0p1'
     uuid: '6AD7-8181'
    themed icons:  [drive-removable-media]  [drive-removable]  [drive]
    symbolic themed icons:  [drive-removable-media-symbolic]
[drive-removable-symbolic]  [drive-symbolic]  [drive-removable-media]
[drive-removable]  [drive]

I notice that the above "should_automount" is set instead to "1" when I
plug a USB key. This makes me think the problem comes from previous
steps (udev, udisks or policykit) but I am stuck at this point. Any
advice would be welcome, even if it is "report bug against this package".


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