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Re: converting my local site to be https only access

On Sun, 30 Apr 2017, Gene Heskett wrote:

On Saturday 29 April 2017 14:49:04 Gene Heskett wrote:

On Saturday 29 April 2017 14:21:27 Jochen Spieker wrote:
Gene Heskett:
On Saturday 29 April 2017 04:05:01 Felix Dietrich wrote:
Gene Heskett <gheskett@shentel.net> writes:
Where can I find a tut that is a complete instruction set to
have it do an auto-redirect to itself, but using the "s" stuff
regardless of the accessing client as long as the client can
handle the https stuff this conversion will return to the

What you want to do requires that you understand the basics of
Apache's configuration mechanism. You should really start with that.


I don't have 2.4, 2.2 here on wheezy.

Looking in the docs/2.2/envvars reference and trying some of the commands
I find I apparently must specify the port # somehow. apache2ctl cannot
connect on port 80.  It apparently uses /etc/alternatives/www-browser,
which is a softlink to /usrt/bin/lynx, and guess what?

lynx support at lynx.isc.org has been deleted. And it won't work without
talking to isc.org first.  Even after being re-installed.

Lynx works just fine. I expect your configuration file simply has some
references to obsolete remote locations.

Does this work?

 $ WWW_HOME="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PEBKAC"; lynx

or this?

 $ WWW_HOME="file://localhost/REPLACE-ME-WITH-A-PATH-TO-SOME-LOCAL-HTML-DOC.html" lynx

And does this...

 $ grep '^STARTFILE:' /etc/lynx-cur/lynx.cfg

...confirm that you have something obsolete like


in your lynx.cfg ?

Then fix that broken reference. Edit /etc/lynx-cur/lynx.cfg, replacing
that STARTFILE url with whatever you like.

FWIW, I think


makes a sensible default.

Or, if for some incomprehensible reason you think a remote website is
an appropriate default startfile, you could use



While you're at it, you might want to cast your eye over any other
lines returned by this...

 $ grep '^[A-Z_]*:[[:blank:]]*https\?://' /etc/lynx-cur/lynx.cfg

...and see if you wouldn't rather change them to something more
up-to-date, more reliable, or more appropriate for your installation.

So A: file a bug against lynx, best to remove it as its apparently been
EOL'd by isc.org

Huh? You would remove a program simply because isc.org removes a
couple web pages?

Development of lynx continues unabated:


Good luck with your project.

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