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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

Le quintidi 25 germinal, an CCXXV, Joel Rees a écrit :
> > Summary: Linux has a new system call to allow process to register as
> > adopters for orphan processes.
> Ick. I hope they don't register directly with pid1.

I am sorry, but that does not even make sense.

> Or you could have pid1 monitor only the monitoring process, to keep pid1 simple.

Or you could have PID 1 monitor a process that monitors a process that
monitors a process that monitors a process that monitors the monitoring

Sorry, I do not share your religious imperative of keeping PID 1 simple
at the cost of making everything else more complex.

> pid1 seems to be doing a lot of other things in systemd. Is it
> cooperatively multitasking with itself yet? Or have they borrowed
> threads to define a new kind of process concept, so that pid1 can
> multitask with itself preemptively?
> I should go look at the source to see, I suppose

Obviously you find burning straw men more entertaining. Please go ahead,
I will try not to trouble further.


  Nicolas George

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