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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

Le quartidi 24 germinal, an CCXXV, Jonathan de Boyne Pollard a écrit :
> Nicolas George:
> > The process with PID one is the only immortal process on the system, and
> > adopts all orphan processes.

> Wrong.  Indeed, it was the systemd people who drove the making it wrong.

I have no idea what that sentence means.

> * https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/177361/5132

Summary: Linux has a new system call to allow process to register as
adopters for orphan processes.

Ok, Linux has a new mutant power that I did not know about, and half my
sentence was wrong.

Yet, PID 1 is still the only immortal process, unless you have another
new mutant power to produce, and that property is needed to have a
reliable monitoring system. Otherwise, the monitoring process could be
killed, and nobody would notice.

So I stand by my claim: monitoring systems must be anchored at PID 1,
and that makes monitoring part of init's job.

(Immortal, in this context, does not mean that it cannot die: of course,
it can die, but if it does, the kernel panics and the hardware watchdog
reboots it. And of course, it means it cannot be killed by things like
the OOM killer.)


  Nicolas George

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