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Re: Advice / recommendations on Inexpensive Managed Ethernet Switches

On Sat, Feb 04, 2017 at 04:29:39PM +0100, solitone wrote:
> I take advantage of this thread to ask for advice on this topic. My need is a 
> managed switch with Gigabit ports that supports port trunking (Link 
> Aggregation Control Protocol, LACP, 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation), to 
> increase the bandwith to my Network Access Storage. Is there anything on the 
> marketplace that doesn't cost way too much?

Depending on your usage scenario, maybe you don't need one at

If you have a single Linux box that wants lots of bandwidth to
the NAS, you could do this:

   switch -------- NAS
        |          |||
        ----------Linux box

This shows a NAS and a Linux box with four NICs each. One is
used to connect to the general network via the switch, and
the other three on each device are connected straight across
to the companion.

You would want to set extra IP addresses on each device so that
they can see each other directly through the triple NICs, which
can speak LACP without going through a switch.

If, on the other hand, you have a bunch of potential bandwidth
consumers, yes, you'll need a capable switch.

EBay says that you can get a used Juniper EX2200-24 (24 gigabit
ports) for $110 or so -- that's a great piece of hardware, very

For about the same price, you can get a used Juniper SRX110h or
SRX220h, which are 8 port firewall/routers: but they can also do
LACP on any set of ports. If you have a small network, that
could be really nice.


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