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Re: [Newbie] Can ls command format output my way?

Richard Owlett <rowlett@cloud85.net> writes:

> ls -R /media/data produces the content but not the NEEDED format.
> I want a list like:
> /media/data/dir1/filea
> /media/data/dir1/fileb
> /media/data/dir1/subdir1/filex
> /media/data/dir1/subdir1/filey
> /media/data/dir1/subdir1/filez
> /media/data/dir2/filea
> /media/data/dir2/fileb
> /media/data/dir2/subdir1/filex
> /media/data/dir2/subdir1/filey
> /media/data/dir2/subdir1/filez
> et cetera
> I don't wish anything but full path to all files in a top level
> directory.

find /media/data -type f

> Followup question how should I found the answer for myself. I looks
> basic enough ...

I don't recall now when I first learnt about the find command.  Now I
use it all the time.  The Unix Power Tools book
(http://shop.oreilly.com/product/9780596003302.do) has a chapter on the
find command.  If you have access to an O'Reilly Safari account, you
could browse through it.


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