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Re: Where are WiFi passwords (WPA keys) stored?

On 2016-12-06, Celejar <celejar@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Dec 2016 11:12:45 +0100
> Yvan Masson <yvan.masson@openmailbox.org> wrote:
> ...
>> I am almost sure that installing a XFCE desktop also installs
>> NetworkManager to handle connections.
> I use (much / most of) Xfce without NM. I just looked at what would
> happen if I selected the xfce4 metapackage for installation, and NM
> still will not get installed, and doesn't even show up in aptitude as
> recommended or suggested.
> Celejar

The task package task-xfce-desktop recommends network-manager-gnome. So
the latter would have been installed if the OP selected Xfce at the
'Software selection' stage of the installation of Debian.



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