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Re: ISO9660 creator in Debian Jessie


On Mon, 05 Dec 2016 09:16:23 +0100
"Thomas Schmitt" <scdbackup@gmx.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> terryc wrote:
> > Unfortuantely, all that both machines have is Xfburn, which it gives
> > you an option of creating an ISO, it only does so if the burner is in
> > that machine. Major bummer.
> Did you already try Brasero or K3B ? (They might pull in lots of other
> Debian packages which they need to run.)

I don't know about Brasero, but K3b can do that, "New data project" ->
<add files> -> "Burn" -> check "Only create image" -> go to the "Image"
tab to change the path for the image.
And yes, you won't need the whole KDE desktop, but quite a number of
additional packages (unless KDE is already installed).



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