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Re: suggested / recommended NAS boxes to run Debian?


(I didn't get your original mail, so I set the required headers for
proper threading by hand. I hope this worked, if not please excuse me.)

I'm happy with a Netgear ReadyNAS 104. It has 4 bays, an Armada 370 UP
processor, 2x Gbit Ethernet, 3x USB3, 512 MiB RAM, RS232 accessible
without opening the case and a small display (that doesn't work out of
the box with Debian though). It also has a smaller brother (s/104/102/)
with only 2 bays.

The hardware is described nicely on http://natisbad.org/NAS3/index.html

My device currently runs Jessie which is installable easily. The
bootloader (U-Boot) is not dt-aware, so you have to pick the unsigned
kernel images and use appended DTB for installation (and operation).

Best regards

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