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Re: router solutions based on Debian?

More focussed at being a NAS than a router, but I built my own based on a J1900
Celeron (passively cooled, low power) SoC. I wrote up details[1]. Lars Wirzenius
did something similar (focussed on being a router rather than NAS) and wrote that
up too[2].

The vendor I bought mine from offered a bundle with a daughter board bringing it
up to 5 gigabit ports (but I didn't opt for that option personally) (also this was
a different, Atom-based SoC)

J1900 is Bay Trail, there are probably similar products in the Braswell or other,
newer lines, which may or may not be lower power usage, or higher performance, or

From a NAS POV, I'd look for a case that supports 3.5" drives and possibly some
growing room. What I really wanted was something a bit like the "toaster"-style
NAS appliances you can get (two vertical 3.5" drives) but I didn't find quite
what I wanted and ended up with something bigger. I've since seen some cases
which look closer to what I want than I achieved[4], but still not quite as
compact as an off the shelf Synology or QNAP.

[1] https://jmtd.net/hardware/phobos/
[2] http://blog.liw.fi/posts/minipc-router/
[3] http://www.mini-itx.com/store/?c=105 - this is a Pineview based board, so an
    older generation than even Bay Trail, but it's a 5x gigabit LAN set up. This
    vendor do a newer Braswell bundle but only 2x NIC.
[4] https://linitx.com/product/cfi-a2060-miniitx-nasserver-case-2-hot-swap-bays/13404

Jonathan Dowland
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